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Why Use Cash For Mobile?

Even though you may no longer have a use for your unwanted phone, there is still a high demand for good quality refurbished handsets. We at Cash For Mobile are unique amongst our competitors in being able to maximise the extent to which the phones we receive are re-used. This enables us to offer you market-leading prices when you sell mobile phones for cash.

In certain parts of the world like Africa, mobile phones are fast becoming the number one form of communication because landline access is limited in certain areas and owning a mobile is the most convenient way to communicate and do business. Some of our working tested handsets would be sold into developing countries to enable their communities to have better access to these types of communication devices. Inevitably, we are not able to do this with every phone we receive from people who want to recycle and receive cash for mobiles.

However, we do recover and retain as many components as possible for future re-use. Despite this, there will still be items which we are unable to re-use. These metals, plastics and memory will be separated and recycled in accordance with the WEEE Directive. will help you recycle and get cash for mobile phones in the best possible way.