Selling your mobile step by step

The speed with which newer models of mobile phones are launched in the marketplace is a cause of predicament for a lot of people. It may be helpful for you to be aware of the recycling options available in case you wish to replace your present model.

Locating your model

Getting a nice quote for your mobile is easier than you might have thought, especially in case your mobile phone is not too old. We never purchase phones ourselves, but instead make it easier for our valuable visitors to get best quotes from recycling websites which buy phones. All you need to do is identify your mobile phone model, followed by searching through various quotes that come up in results and location of the best offer that works for you.

Dispatching the phone and receiving payment

After you locate the best offer for your phone, you will be provided the exact instructions to send your phone to the particular recycling company. Many companies supply their own customized envelopes to make the entire process simple. You will receive the final payment via your preferred payment method once your phone reaches the recycling company. We don’t have any direct control over the payment processes of the companies, however, we make it a point that you get to deal with only the reputable and high-standard companies.

The difference made

Whether your phone is reused or not post the recycling process will not matter much as you will get the satisfaction of knowing that at least it won’t end up in a landfill. In case it is in the condition that it can be reused after refurbishing, it might be sent to needy people in developing nations as well.

Old mobile phones make world a better place

Several people are unaware that old mobile phones can actually make a huge difference in the lives of many people.

Many used phones are normally in a condition that they can be reconditioned and resold in the marketplace. With people facing economic challenges throughout the country, it is an excellent way to make quality mobile phones available to those who do not have ready monetary resources to purchase brand new models.

Many online companies are in the business of buying old phones from users and helping them financially to secure ideal replacements. One can opt for credit which can be utilized towards purchase of another phone. This is an important option that must be kept in mind while reviewing different mobile phone recycling companies listed on our comparison website.

A significant aspect which encourages a large section of users is the fact that their decision to turn in their old phones for recycling can benefit many people in developing nations. People in such countries cannot normally afford fresh mobile phones. Many of them find a recycled mobile phone to be a far better alternative. In order to safeguard people’s information, all user data is carefully cleaned from all such old mobile phones prior to putting them through the recycling process.

Recycling of old mobile phones also helps the environment in a major way as toxic substances from these phones are prevented from ending up in the landfills. When you make use of our comparison site, you can go through all the offers and decide which recycling company is best for you. Although we remain only a third party in the whole process, we do our best to ensure that both seller and buyer benefit from the transaction.

Ensure that your old mobile phone gets a good price tag

Many people wanting to sell their old mobile phones worry if they are getting a good price for them. This is a justifiable concern and something which shouldn’t be overlooked. Anyone selling would want to be sure that the price received is actually what was quoted by the website.

How this happens?

Several recycling portals indulge in unfair practices and reduce the final price at the time of receiving the old phone. This is very wrong, considering the fact that many customers look forward to the selling price for the purchase of a new phone. Reasons why prices may be reduced is damaged covers, cosmetic wear and tear or depleted batteries. This is something everyone would like to avoid.

Making use of trustworthy websites

One of the methods of avoiding such a situation is by using only the reputable websites. Our comparison website is an online tool which can be used to compare offers from various reputable companies. We never make the payments ourselves, but instead make it easier for sellers to get connected with the right buyers. Our team makes sure that only those recycling companies are listed which have good credibility in the marketplace. We also ensure that portals which are no longer in business or don’t follow professional standards are removed from the listings. This guarantees that sellers earn an acceptable price for their used mobile phones.

Earn Easy Cash for Old Mobiles – But Don’t Forget to Erase Old Data

More and more people nowadays are showing interest in quick cash in exchange of old mobile phones. The mobile phone prices are increasing day by day as these devices continue to achieve new heights of complexity. Nevertheless, people are rightfully concerned about the safety of their data. Although many recyclers provide comprehensive data deletion services, some do not. Learning how to comprehensively delete the mobile phone data can go a long way in safeguarding one’s important information.

Let’s throw light onto what happens to the existing data on a mobile phone when it is put through recycling. After all, no one would like his/her personal information or images getting compromised by some rogue user. In case you have any type of memory card in the old mobile phone, it is advisable that you remove it prior to turning in the mobile phone for recycling. Many experts are of the opinion that it is a good idea to remove the SIM card too.

It will be in your interest to back up any necessary data which will be of use later. One of the important benefits of new-age phones is that the contacts and images in them can be easily transferred to another model. In case you are not comfortable with the backup process, it will be better to use some sort of mobile phone backup software.

Several phones feature a restore button which can be used to reset the old mobile phone to its original factory settings. However, in case of some models, one may have to use this option via a menu. Follow every on-screen instruction carefully to ensure that every bit of information is erased properly. In the end, you may be required to switch the phone off and back on again.

What Happens When Mobile Phones are traded?

When people opt for mobile phone trading, one of their main intentions is to minimise the environmental damage apart from receiving some cash for the transaction. However, not every individual considers this option. Some people are still unsure about mobile phone recycling and have many questions related to it.

A highly convenient option

Opting for mobile phone recycling is far easier than you can imagine. It is quite simple and you even get rewarded by going for it. It is not a very good feeling to spend a good amount of money on a mobile phone and watch it get damaged. One of the most common complaints received in regard to mobile phone damages is them getting water damage and ceasing to work completely or some falling out of peoples hands onto crowded pavements. It is an excellent option to turn in such nonworking phones and even get paid for them.

What happens to the old phone?

The fate of your old phone will depend on the type of recycler you select. Many companies wipe off all the data on the phone before proceeding any further. In many cases the parts of the old phone are utilised for commercial recycling resulting in creation of refurbished phones meant for UK and European customers. Other companies refurbish the old phones and send them to developing countries where even the basic mobile phones are always in short supply. This way, people who are in dire need of mobile phones but cannot afford expensive new models, are also helped.

Virgin Mobile Provides a Novel Prepaid Plan

Customers of Virgin Mobile would be pleased to hear that they can benefit from a new economical option, including an unlimited data tariff starting at a nominal £10 per month. Data usage has increased drastically and so has the unlimited plans’ demand in the mobile phone marketplace.

The new tariff plan named Big Data and Text provides customers some highly generous options. £10 option not only features unlimited data, but also 300 text messages and £10 worth of talk time. Tariff of £15 provides customers with similar options, including unlimited calling facility to landline and mobile numbers and unlimited text messaging. Evidently, this is an excellent deal for all customers who experience consistent increase in their mobile usage.

All such new options have been devised to cater to the needs of customers who switch their tariff plans often to save money. Several mobile phone customers have started making use of prepaid options as they are cost-effective as well as flexible.

People who are not with Virgin Mobile as yet can make use of this option in case they aren’t happy with their present service. This can potentially enable mobile phone customers to save a considerable amount of money. Anyone can benefit from this prepaid facility.

Making The Resale For Mobile Phones Easy

When thinking about recycling an old mobile phone, whether you’re trading it in or selling your phone it is always best to visit a mobile phone valuer website.

Ideally a mobile phone valuer website is just there to help streamline the process of selling an old mobile phone. However, on occasion there are some misunderstandings that come into play when using these mobile phone websites.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when using a mobile phone valuer website. For starters, a mobile phone valuer website does not actually purchase your old mobile phone from you. What it does do is help you find companies or individuals that buy or are willing to buy an old mobile phone.

Besides helping making the resale proposition easier, a mobile phone valuer website also helps you compare prices and get a better understanding of what your old mobile phone is worth. In some cases you may receive a considerable sum of money based on the condition of your old mobile when when being sold. On some occasions people have also managed to buy a brand new mobile phone with the resale value of an old mobile phone.

It’s important to note that, not always are the prices that are offered for certain models of old mobiles phones, updated. So do a secondary check to verify whether you are getting a good deal. All in all a mobile phone valuer site is a convenient step in the aiding the resale of an old mobile phone.

Trade in For Charity

Recently there’s been much talk about recycling old electronic devices, particularly old phones. The primary reason behind this buzz has, for the most part, been credited to protecting the environment.
In this day and age the number of electronic goods that are discarded on a frequent basis is so much higher than it was ten years ago, which definitely brings to mind the concern for the environment. However, besides the environment, there are other equally good reasons to trade in or recycle your old mobile phone.
For starters, donating an old mobile phone to charity not only protects the environment, it also helps someone who is less fortunate and unable to afford buying a brand new one. Yes, one can kill two birds with one stone in this scenario. However, you may wonder, what is it that you ought to do if an old phone you own is out of working condition. Well, in this case donating it to charity may not be the best thing, though there are other charitable options.
A lemonade stand or a jumble sale used to be easy ways to raise money for a charity. In this age however, old electronics feature in this picture. A lot of companies and charitable organisations collect old mobile phones and other electronic gadgets and use them as part of recycling project or just sell the working spares to raise money.
While recycling and trading in an old mobile phone or other electronic gadget for the environment is good, a little charity occasionally also helps take it the step further.

Why Dump Your Old Mobile Phone – Recycle Instead

Almost everyone has a mobile phone these days. With the frequency of change in the technological world, a lot of people have a tendency to upgrade their mobile phones often. With the numerous changes in mobile phones people find themselves with a collection of old phones lying around their home. More often, than not, these old phones are discarded with the everyday garbage, which means that there is a high likelihood that they will be left at dumpsites and treated alongside the rest of the rubbish.

While it may seem like a convenient way to dispose old mobile phones, throwing them out with the rubbish can in fact be harmful. This is due to several reasons. For starters, the materials that go into the making of a mobile phone are generally not easily biodegradable. Sometimes it can take up to twenty years or more for certain parts of an old mobile phone to actually disintegrate.

This is why recycling old mobile phones is important. When people talk of recycling old mobile phones it does not always mean discarding it. Some people collect old mobile phones and use them for art projects while there are others who use old phones in a rather novel way, for sport. With the recent increase in mobile phone sales a few people in Finland have come together to start a Mobile Phone Throwing Championship, interestingly this is a very popular event with people from all over the world taking part. So next time before you decide to throw out your old mobile phone, consider recycling it.

Practical Considerations While Selling Mobile Phones on Internet

Selling of old mobile phones on Internet works as a perfect solution for all those people who are in need of some extra cash. After all, upgradation or replacement of an old phone can be a pretty expensive affair. In case you wish to opt for either one of these options, why not obtain some quick cash by selling off your old phone? You’ll be happy to do so.

Mobile phone recycling is considered one of the best options which a large majority of people are completely unaware of. The recycling of an old phone keeps it from ending up in a landfill. This has an immense positive impact on environment sustenance. You can also get rid of all the data on the old phone so that your confidential information is not compromised.

So, how can you opt for mobile phone recycling? The best way to go about it is by comparing offers provided by different recycling companies on our website. You can quickly carry out a comprehensive comparison and in terms of payment option, terms and price.

Another important thing to be considered is whether a particular mobile phone recycling company can be trusted. On our website, we make sure that we list only the companies which are of healthy reputation and are known for above-average customer service. Any time we feel that a particular company is not trustworthy we completely abstain from recommending it to any of our customers. Please note that we are only a comparison website and never do the actual payment or recycling ourselves. However, you can trust our judgement in recommending only worthwhile mobile phone recycling sites.