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FAQ's at Cash For Mobile

What happens to my phone?

We send our phones on to the third world where they will be re-used. In developing countries it is often much cheaper to set up a mobile phone network than it is to install fixed landlines. So second hand mobiles are always in demand because they are a cheap and sustainable way to communicate.

Can I buy phones from

No: we don't sell individual phones: if you are interested in bulk buying phones then please contact us.

Where's my phone / money?

We get a lot of phones in every day: if you've not yet received the confirmation email that tells you we have received your phone, then either log-in to the site to check progress or contact us for an instant update. If you've not yet received your money for your phone then also either log in or contact us and we will check your orders progress for you.

Will you still want to buy my phone if it is damaged or broken?

Yes! We accept mobile phones that are broken or damaged

Do I need to send you my charger and other accessories?

No! Because our phones are re-used in the developing world they get used with different electric systems than here in the UK – so the truth is that if you did send your charger the phone would still need a new one before it could be used. So: we don't need your charger sent in. Also make sure you remove your SIM card and any memory cards: we cannot accept any liability for any SIM or memory cards and we are unable to return them if you do send them in.